AXA Releases ‘EasyCare Visa’ Health Insurance Plan to Promote a Healthy Lifestyle for People with Retirement Visas and Long-Stay Visitors

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AXA EasyCare Visa Insurance Plan

AXA Thailand General Insurance has launched a new health insurance program, called the ‘AXA EasyCare Visa,’ designed for foreign nationals residing in Thailand. The insurance plan provides comprehensive and reliable health coverage for those with retirement visas (Non-Immigrant O-A and O-X) and long-stay visitors.

Features of the AXA EasyCare Visa Insurance Plan

Customers can purchase the insurance policy online easily, with no upfront payment required for medical care received in any participating hospital in Thailand. This plan provides coverage for medical costs up to 4 million baht per disease, with deductible options allowing customers to tailor the policy to their specific needs and budget. Families can receive a 10% discount on the policy for one person. The insurance policy starts at 1,025 baht, and the coverage is available to customers up to the age of 80, with the policy renewable until the age of 99.

AXA’s Commitment to Meeting Consumer Demands

Mr. Alexandre Keosayavong, Chief Health Officer of AXA Thailand General Insurance, explained that the ‘AXA EasyCare Visa’ health insurance plan is part of AXA’s commitment to developing a diverse range of products that meet the demands of all consumer target groups. Thailand is rated as the most livable destination for retirees in Asia and ranked 9th globally in 2023, making the insurance plan a perfect fit for people with retirement visas and long-stay visitors.

The Thai General Insurance Association (TGIA) has officially recognized AXA Insurance as the official health insurance provider for the Long Stay Visa program and the LTR scheme. Customers can contact the AXA hotline 24/7 for assistance with visa applications and for answers to any questions they may have about the insurance plan.

AXA Thailand General Insurance has once again solidified its position as a leader in the global insurance industry. The ‘AXA EasyCare Visa’ health insurance plan provides foreign nationals residing in Thailand with an easy, comprehensive, and reliable health coverage plan.