Burger King Brings Back ‘Black and Pink Burger’ Delighting Fans, Reinforcing Its All-Generations Appeal

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Burger King's 'Black and Pink Burger' Returns

Burger King’s ‘Black and Pink Burger’ Returns, heralding a dynamic transformation for this iconic American burger brand as it caters to diverse consumer needs with innovations in burger recipes, an expanded menu, exceptional service, and nationwide expansion.

The Return of the Black and Pink Burger

The Black and Pink Burger, a beloved classic, is making a comeback. This dual-color, dual-style burger aims to satisfy the palates of the new generation, offering affordability without compromising on flavor. The flavorful journey begins on Sep 14, 2023.

Mr. Tanawat Damnernthong, General Manager of Burger (Thailand) Co., Ltd., recognizes the evolving consumer landscape. Today’s consumers seek innovation and unique experiences. Burger King, a leader in the burger market, is committed to becoming a cherished brand for all genders and age groups. This commitment involves continuous evolution and adaptation to align with modern lifestyles and foster customer engagement.

Innovative Offerings

Burger King has consistently delighted customers with innovative offerings. Creations like the Chocolate King, the world’s first burger bun made from Hershey’s chocolate ingredients, and the Ghost Burger with black charcoal bread during Halloween have added excitement to the menu. The ‘The Real Burger’ campaign, featuring burgers like ‘The Real Cheeseburger’ with 20 slices of cheese and ‘The Real Meat Burger’ with 100 pieces of beef, has gone viral, broadening the customer base by over 50%.

Drawing insights from social media surveys, Burger King has reintroduced beloved menu items like the “Black and Pink Burger.” The concept, “Either mode is delicious,” offers a fresh and affordable burger-eating experience tailored to the new generation of consumers seeking innovation in their dining choices.

The Black and Pink Burger Series

The Black Burger or Black Whopper Jr. boasts robust meat flavors. Alternatively, choose the pork option with bold black pepper sauce, priced at 149 baht. The Pink Burger, Pink Fish Burger, and Alaska Pollock Fish Burger feature large, perfectly fried fish pieces with cheese and special cocktail sauce, all for an affordable 79 baht.

“We firmly believe that reintroducing the Black and Pink Burger menu will receive a positive response and stimulate sales. This move aligns with our goal of expanding our customer base, particularly among the New Gen group. The Black and Pink Burger menu will be available at every Burger King branch in Thailand, except for airport and tourist-oriented branches, starting Sep 14, 2023,” concluded Tanawat.

Experience the evolution of Burger King’s menu and indulge in innovative flavors designed to delight generations old and new.