Burger King Presents HATYAI CHICKEN KING Menu, Available 24/7

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Burger King Presents HATYAI CHICKEN KING

Burger King, the renowned American burger brand, continues its evolution toward becoming a futuristic restaurant catering to diverse consumer needs. In its latest stride, Burger King unveils the HATYAI CHICKEN KING, offering delectable fried chicken with crispy thin skin, complemented by a juicy texture and served with the brand’s signature fried shallots.

Expanding Culinary Horizons

Bolstering its fried chicken offerings, Burger King introduces the Hatyai Chicken King, a cherished favorite among Thais. Thai diners can indulge in this flavorful treat around the clock at Burger King outlets across the nation, providing the convenience of dine-in, takeaway, and delivery services starting today.

Elevating the Chicken King Line

The General Manager of Burger (Thailand) Co., Ltd., Mr. Tanawat Damnernthong, emphasizes the popularity of fried chicken among Thai consumers. The fried chicken market experiences consistent growth annually, emerging as the largest segment within the Quick-Service Restaurant (QSR) industry. As part of its strategy to resonate with consumers, Burger King continues to enrich its Chicken King lineup with innovations like the well-received Tomyum Chicken King.

Mr. Tanawat Damnernthong, The General Manager of Burger (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Southern Pride on a Plate

The Hatyai Chicken King concept, named after a beloved Thai city, showcases crispy thin skin and a succulent texture, accompanied by Burger King’s signature fried shallots. Customers have the flexibility to opt for a la carte servings, starting at 49 baht each, or indulge in the Hatyai Chicken King Set, which includes two pieces of chicken, organic sticky rice, Burger King’s authentic Jaew sauce, and a 16 oz soft drink, all for a reasonable 129 baht.

Bringing authentic Southern flavors to the fore, Hatyai Chicken King aims to satisfy fried chicken aficionados while delivering accessibility at any time. Adhering to the tagline “True in Taste for Your Tongue,” the concept beautifully weaves in the Southern dialect, enhancing communication and connecting with the menu’s origins.

A Delectable Journey

Mr. Tanawat Damnernthong envisions the newly introduced menu capturing acclaim and propelling sales while extending the reach of Burger King’s customer base. This southern-inspired creation is now available throughout the Burger King network, except for airport locations and tourism-centric provinces.

Indulge in the delectable Hatyai Chicken King, a testament to Burger King’s dedication to innovation and culinary excellence.