Gastronomic Exploration of Italian Alpine Cuisine, Every Friday Night at Ventisi

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Ventisi's Flavours from the Alps

Ventisi, the culinary sanctuary within Centara Grand at CentralWorld, introduces an extraordinary culinary voyage every Friday night. Under the guidance of Executive Chef Andrea Montella, Ventisi’s Friday Night Buffet transforms Bangkok into a gateway to the captivating Italian Alps, offering “Flavours from the Alps” and an international buffet dinner.

Flavors from the Alps: Embark on an Alpine Gastronomic Adventure

Every Friday night, Executive Chef Andrea Montella orchestrates an experience that whisks diners to the enchanting realms of the Alps. The buffet at Ventisi beautifully weaves together the essence of Italian Alpine cuisine, from hearty stews that evoke mountain warmth to the allure of traditional fondues. Amidst Bangkok’s vibrant pulse, patrons set forth on a culinary voyage that authentically captures mountain life.

Authentic Tribute to Alpine Gastronomy

“Flavours from the Alps” isn’t merely a dining experience; it’s a gastronomic expedition. Each dish presented pays genuine homage to Alpine gastronomy, offering diners the chance to savor the charm of this cuisine without departing the city. Ventisi’s commitment to transporting guests through culinary delights is exemplified in this weekly escape. Executive Chef Andrea Montella expresses, “The Alps harbor a treasure trove of culinary delights, and we’re thrilled to share these authentic flavors with our patrons. Our buffet every Friday night becomes a portal to this magnificent region’s heart-warming, rich, and soul-satisfying cuisine.”

The evening’s highlights feature an array of Alpine delights, including Tirolean meatloaf, crispy pork knuckle, pork cordon bleu, Val D’Aosta-style cheese fondue, Spätzle, veal sausage, bratwurst sausage, cheese sausage, Frankfurter, and bombette pugliesi.

Pricing Details and Timings

For those seeking this remarkable experience, pricing details are as follows: Adults: THB 1,390++ per person, Children (6-11 years): THB 695++ per person. Additional Drink Packages start at THB 149++ and include unlimited soft drinks, drinking water, coffee, and tea.

Venture into the breathtaking vistas of the Alps every Friday evening at Ventisi restaurant, available from 18:00 to 22:30 hrs. And if your appetite lingers, Ventisi’s regular à la carte menu, open from 18:00 to 22:30 hrs, beckons you on a culinary journey encompassing Thai and international flavors.