JORAKAY Enters Infrastructure Market with Innovative Products

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The Architect '66 Exhibition

JORAKAY CORPORATION CO.,LTD is set to enter the infrastructure market with innovative solutions to achieve sales of 3.8 billion baht this year. The company aims for a product growth rate of not less than 30% in the chemical and construction sectors. To demonstrate its leadership and expertise, JORAKAY will showcase four main innovations at the “Architect ’66” exhibition.

Business Plan of JORAKAY Corporation Limited for 2023

JORAKAY’s CEO, Mr. Supapong Phetcharat, stated that the company is focusing on the growth of chemical and construction products, particularly in infrastructure. The company’s sales of infrastructure-related products have increased compared to the previous year, which has prompted it to expand its market share in this area. The company targets a sales figure of 3.8 billion baht this year, with a product growth rate of not less than 30%, to penetrate various project groups.

Innovative Solutions at the “Architect ’66” Exhibition

One of the innovations that JORAKAY will showcase at the “Architect ’66” exhibition is its crocodile-based concrete floor repair. It is an eco-friendly solution that can repair concrete floors as thin as 2mm. This innovation reduces resource consumption and decreases CO2 emissions by up to 96%. Additionally, it challenges the construction industry’s thinness threshold while reducing construction time from 7 to just 2 days. The company aims to expand its infrastructure product proportion, from 5% of total sales last year, to 10% this year.

Marketing Strategies for Crocodile Products

Mr. Woraphot Tangmanassawanich, Assistant Chief Marketing Officer, said that marketing strategies for crocodile products and innovation remain the core focus. The company aims to continuously invent new innovations that provide consumers with long-term happiness. Crocodile has been a market leader in cement and tile adhesives for over 30 years, with its top-selling product, Crocodile Green Cement, being a favorite among craftsmen and homeowners. The company’s innovative products, such as Crocodile Premium Plus and anti-black fungus tile adhesive, featuring micro-flat technology, continuously lead the market.

In summary, JORAKAY CORPORATION CO.,LTD’s business plan for 2023 is to expand its market share in the chemical and construction sectors, focusing on infrastructure. The company aims to achieve sales of 3.8 billion baht with a product growth rate of not less than 30%. Through innovative solutions, JORAKAY CORPORATION CO.,LTD will showcase its leadership and expertise at the “Architect ’66” exhibition. The company is committed to continuously researching and developing innovative products to provide the market with the best solutions.

The Architect ’66 Exhibition Event