Enhancing Interiors Around the World: Jim Thompson’s Autumn Odyssey of Textiles

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Jim Thompson Autumn Collection 2023

Jim Thompson Autumn Collections 2023 promise a unique blend of tradition and innovation, offering a wealth of interior design inspiration. Under the guidance of Design Directors Susan North and Richard Smith, the Jim Thompson and Number 9 Thompson brands are poised to deliver a remarkable array of textiles that harmonize age-old craftsmanship with contemporary sensibilities.

Jim Thompson Autumn Collection 2023: A Tapestry of Timeless Design

Jim Thompson is once again ready to inspire with its rich design heritage, presenting a captivating fusion of classic and modern design across its latest fabrics and wallcoverings. Combining the distinct design philosophies of Jim Thompson, No.9 Thompson, and Fox Linton, this year’s collections offer an immersive journey through time, continents, and untold stories.

Meet the Design Visionaries

At the heart of Jim Thompson’s forthcoming collection stands Susan North, the Senior Design Director for Home Furnishings. North skillfully combines traditional weaving and printing techniques with a contemporary palette, resulting in vibrant patterns and colors that have become iconic in the world of interior design. No.9 Thompson, under the artistic direction of Richard Smith, thrives on intricate sketches and paintings that draw inspiration from traditional textiles, creating a fresh interpretation with a rich cultural influence.


Jim Thompson Autumn Collection 2023: Exploring the Collections

Jim Thompson’s autumn offerings are divided into three distinctive collections: ‘Zanzibar,’ ‘Lyric,’ and ‘Embellished.’

Inspired by the Spice Island of the same name, Zanzibar celebrates the convergence of African, Arab, and European influences. This collection features a rich mix of velvets, linens, and exotic patterns, inviting you to embark on a journey of world travels and timeless tales.

In contrast, ‘Lyric’ embraces sustainable luxury with 100% recycled textiles that hold GRS certification. These fabrics offer a natural and relaxed appearance, with a versatile color palette inspired by hand-dyed yarns. Ideal for both residential and commercial settings, they prioritize sustainability, durability, and ease of care.

‘Embellished,’ the wallcovering collection, combines intricately stitched embroidery with sisal and abaca wallcoverings, creating luxurious texture and neutral tones suitable for classic and modern settings alike.


No.9 Thompson’s Spirited Collections

The NO.9 THOMPSON COLLECTION introduces ‘Bohemian Paradise,’ ‘Bohemian Weaves,’ and ‘Beach Hut and Rock Pool Outdoor Weaves.’ ‘Bohemian Paradise’ is a vibrant homage to 1930s Paris, offering a maximalist ensemble of patterned weaves named after iconic figures of that era.

‘Bohemian Weaves’ presents tactile bouclé patterns inspired by bohemians from the 1930s, combining touchable delight with exceptional durability. Meanwhile, ‘Beach Hut and Rock Pool Outdoor Weaves’ extend the brand’s legacy in high-performance fabrics, ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.


Fox Linton’s Luxurious Textiles

Fox Linton’s autumn collection includes ‘Montacute,’ ‘Arlington,’ ‘Penberth,’ ‘Pendine,’ ‘Shipstal Stripe,’ ‘Coswell,’ and ‘Cogden.’ From classic herringbone patterns to opulent kid mohair velvet, this collection offers elegance, durability, and eco-sustainability.