McDonald’s introduces a new menu item, “Pepper Chicken Mcmuffin,” for a delightful and satisfying breakfast experience.

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McDonald's introduces a new menu item, "Pepper Chicken Mcmuffin"

McDonald’s introduces the “Pepper Chicken McMuffin,” a delectable addition to their breakfast menu.

IntroducingPepper Chicken Mcmuffin”

Delicious Ingredients and Flavors of “Pepper Chicken McMuffin”

Crafted with premium ingredients and inspired by traditional muffins, the latest McMuffin menu boasts a freshly baked English muffin that encases succulent pepper chicken. The filling is enhanced with a zesty black pepper mayonnaise sauce and imported cheese from New Zealand.

Affordable and Exclusive Offer

Starting at an unbeatable price of just 59 baht per piece, this new menu item promises a satisfying breakfast that won’t break the bank. For a limited time in June, customers can upgrade to a special set for only 99 baht (regularly 114 baht), which includes a piping hot hash brown and a refreshing Americano.

McDonald’s proudly presents their latest breakfast innovation, the “Pepper Chicken McMuffin.” This delectable creation combines high-quality ingredients and the timeless appeal of English muffins to deliver a truly delightful breakfast experience. Each soft and freshly baked muffin envelops a generous portion of pepper chicken, tantalizing taste buds with every bite. The addition of a bold black pepper mayonnaise sauce and imported New Zealand cheese adds layers of flavor and richness to this exceptional offering.

The best part? The “Pepper Chicken McMuffin” is available at an incredibly affordable price, allowing everyone to enjoy a satisfying breakfast without straining their budget. Priced at just 59 baht per piece, it’s an unbeatable value. But that’s not all! As an exclusive treat for the month of June, customers can upgrade to a special set for only 99 baht (regularly 114 baht). This irresistible offer includes a golden hash brown, crispy and warm, and an invigorating Americano, providing the perfect accompaniments to the main event.

From June 1st to August 31st, 2566 (2023), customers can indulge in the “Pepper Chicken McMuffin” at any participating McDonald’s outlet nationwide. Whether you prefer to dine in-store, order through the convenient McDelivery service, or use the user-friendly McDonald’s website and app for home delivery, the new McMuffin menu item is just a few clicks away.