Rabbit Cash Launches Its Groundbreaking ‘Rabbit Cash Welfare Loan’

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Rabbit Cash Welfare Loan

Rabbit Cash Company Limited, a subsidiary of BTS Group Holdings Public Company Limited, is introducing the ‘Rabbit Cash Welfare Loan.’ This online welfare loan offers swift approval with instant results and funds transferred within 3 minutes. Customers can benefit from a unique offer that includes a low-interest rate of up to 1.25% per month, calculated at an effective rate, and no credit check is required. Additionally, no collateral or guarantor is necessary.

Empowering Financial Support for Employees

Ratchanee Saensinchai, the CEO of Rabbit Cash Company Limited, announced the introduction of ‘Rabbit Cash Welfare Loan,’ a novel service by Thailand’s foremost digital lending platform. This innovative tool aims to offer constant financial aid to employees, available 24 hours / 7 days a week, during times of hardship or urgent financial requirements. The primary goal of this service is to eliminate the use of loan sharks or higher-interest loans by providing a convenient and reliable alternative for companies to support their employees in times of need.

Ms. Saensinchai said, “The process of approving and granting credit limits is now driven by AI, ensuring a thorough evaluation of each individual’s ability to repay debts, thus preventing employees from accumulating excessive debt.” The maximum loan amount has been set at 1 million baht, and a particular interest rate of up to 1.25% per month, calculated at an effective rate, will be applied to those requiring the loan. The borrowing process eliminates the need for submitting any documents, providing collateral, or requiring personal guarantors. Additionally, credit bureau checks are not required.

Ratchanee Saensinchai, CEO of Rabbit Cash Company Limited

The approval results are swiftly obtained, and upon approval, the funds are disbursed instantly through the payroll account. The flexibility of the loan terms allows borrowers to choose installment periods ranging from 6 months to 36 months. Furthermore, borrowers have the freedom to repay the loan before the due date and close the loan account at any time without incurring any fees. Moreover, the employer’s company is not obligated to act as a guarantor for the borrowers. To maintain strict compliance with relevant laws and regulations, the process of using each employee’s information requires a rigorous employee consent procedure.

Rapid Expansion and Impact

The ‘Rabbit Cash Welfare Loan’ service underwent rigorous and successful testing with BTS Group employees and has demonstrated promising results. As a result, the service has swiftly expanded to numerous partner companies across various sectors, encompassing business groups such as the service industry, automotive, logistics, IT, and industrial plants. Within a remarkable span of just three months, over 100 companies have embraced this beneficial service. By the end of 2023, Rabbit Cash has set its sights on significant expansion, aiming to have a minimum of 1,000 companies actively participating in the program, encompassing over 150,000 employees.

Simultaneously, the company has unveiled a new advertisement as part of the “Rabbit Relieves Worry” campaign, highlighting its position as a pioneer in delivering seamless online loan services. The ad features a distinctive character that resonates with the lifestyles of company employees who may face financial challenges. Rabbit Cash takes pride in being ready to offer a solution to overcome such hurdles.