Riverside Grilled Fish & Mala Expands with New Central Rama 9 Branch

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Riverside Grilled Fish & Mala Central Rama 9 Branch

Riverside Grilled Fish & Mala, a renowned Chinese restaurant specializing in Chong Qing-Sichuan style cuisine, has successfully expanded its presence with the opening of a second location in Thailand, situated on the 6th floor of Central Rama 9. The newest branch is all set to offer an extraordinary and authentic Chinese dining experience, boasting the restaurant’s renowned signature dish, “Chong Qing-style Grilled Fish,” and the original “Mala” recipe.

Meeting the Overwhelming Demand

Thunyachate Ekvetchavit, Chief Operating Officer at Minor Food Group Public Company Limited, said that Minor Food introduced its standout offerings, including the famous grilled fish in a hot plate and the authentic Mala recipe from Chong Qing. Branded as Riverside Grilled Fish & Mala, this culinary experience made its debut at the centralwOrld branch in early July. The response from consumers exceeded all expectations. And with the enduring popularity of Chinese cuisine among Thai consumers, the restaurant is seizing the opportunity to further expand its business. The newly launched Central Rama 9 Branch marks its second location in Thailand, a strategic move aimed at widening its target consumer base.

“The primary objective behind opening the new branch of Riverside Grilled Fish & Mala restaurant is to drive significant brand growth. The establishment is fully prepared to cater to its valued customers’ diverse lifestyles and requirements, including company employees, teenagers, families, tourists, and Chinese nationals living in Thailand. It also aims to create a welcoming environment where patrons can relish authentic Chong Qing-Sichuan Chinese cuisine at affordable prices,” said Thunyachate.

A Unique Dining Ambiance

Nantaphon Jaengbutrsri, Associate Vice President of Riverside Grilled Fish, a subsidiary of The Minor Food Group Public Company Limited, expressed, “The Central Rama 9 branch continues to showcase its distinctive specialty in the modern Chinese style. The decor features a harmonious blend of light brown wood grain materials contrasting beautifully with vibrant red accents. The elegant setting is further enriched by intricate gold lettering and exquisitely carved fish motifs, which together create a warm and airy atmosphere. The latest branch also offers ample seating to accommodate up to 88 guests comfortably. Additionally, for those seeking a more intimate and exclusive dining experience, the restaurant provides a private dining room that can accommodate 6-8 people, which is ideal for families or groups looking to enjoy their meals in a more comfortable atmosphere.”

Riverside Grilled Fish & Mala at Central Rama 9: Delightful Offerings and Distinctive Specialty

At Riverside Grilled Fish & Mala, patrons have the delightful opportunity to select a single fish variety among four exquisite options for the “Chong Qing-style Grilled Fish,” the signature menu: Qing Jiang, Grouper, Sea Bass, and Patin. Once chosen, their preferred fish undergoes a meticulous cooking process, complemented by selecting one of five signature sauces.

Riverside Grilled Fish & Mala at Central Rama 9: Promotions and Opening Hours

In celebration of the grand opening of the new branch, the restaurant introduces an exciting promotion offering fantastic food sets at unbeatable prices. For 1-2 customers dining together, they present the all-inclusive D.I.Y Mala Pot Set for only 199 baht. Indulge in the delightful Lunch Set, priced at just 259 baht, and be treated to a delectable combination that includes a small plate of sizzling hot grilled fish, perfectly complemented by a serving of steamed rice and complimentary refills of authentic Chinese Tea.

The newest addition to the “Riverside Grilled Fish & Mala” family is now open on the 6th floor of Central Rama 9, daily from 10:00 to 21:00 hrs.