Tops CLUB: Easing Stray Animal Issues in Thailand Through Pet Food Donations

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Tops CLUB donated pet food

BANGKOK, June 23, 2022 – Tops CLUB, a division of Central Retail, known for its wide range of imported products, is making a positive impact on the community by supporting The Voice Foundation and The Man that Rescues Dogs Foundation. With a donation of over 5,500 kilograms of pet food, valued at 700,000 baht, aiming to alleviate the stray animal issue in Thailand.

Mr. Andy Tai Head of Tops CLUB

Tops CLUB Supports Stray Animal Welfare in Thailand through Donations

Mr. Andy Tai, Head of Tops CLUB at Central Food Retail, stated, “Tops CLUB is dedicated to being a leader in the retail industry, creating positive change for people, communities, and the environment. We believe in developing shared values between business and society, fostering stable and sustainable growth. With the rise in stray animal population due to the economic crisis, Tops is taking action to address this issue by leveraging its extensive range of imported products and collaborating with reputable foundations.”

The Voice Foundation: Empowering Animal Welfare in Thailand

Ms. Chollada Sirisant, Founder of The Voice Foundation, expressed gratitude for the support from Tops CLUB. The foundation’s mission is to support and promote animal welfare in Thailand. This contribution has helped feed over 1,000 cats in shelters, while also setting an example for the retail industry to prioritize this important cause.

The Man that Rescues Dogs Foundation: Providing Care for Strays

Mr. Michael James Baines, Founder of The Man that Rescues Dogs Foundation, highlighted the challenges faced in caring for over 1,150 stray dogs with disabilities and illnesses. The monthly operating costs of the foundation exceed 1.7 million baht. The assistance has enabled the foundation to continue its efforts in addressing the stray dog issue in Thailand.

Mr. Andy concluded, “Tops CLUB, as part of Central Retail, solidifies its position as a leader in the retail industry by fulfilling its mission of corporate governance and creating sustainable communities. We are taking the collaboration to the next level by repurposing excess food from our operations to provide meals for stray animals.”