Unforgettable Themed Buffets for Discerning Food Enthusiasts at Ventisi

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Unforgettable Themed Buffets at Centara Grand CentralWorld

Ventisi, the popular culinary destination located at Centara Grand at CentralWorld, invites guests on an extraordinary culinary journey with its themed buffets. Executive Chef Andrea Montella and his talented team have curated a delightful selection of dishes using the freshest local and imported ingredients and classic cooking techniques. Experience the ultimate indulgence every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday evening at Ventisi.

Black Truffle Thursday Night Buffet: A Truffle Lover’s Paradise

Every Thursday, Ventisi presents the Black Truffle Thursday Night Buffet, a true culinary extravaganza. Immerse yourself in the captivating world of black truffles as you indulge in a wide array of dishes. Highlights include truffle salmon tartare, beef tenderloin wellington with black truffle, black truffle mushroom soup, beef cheeks with black truffle creamy sauce, truffle chicken roulade, truffle mashed potatoes, French fries with parmesan truffle dip, truffle ricotta cannelloni, and house-made tagliolini with black truffle cream sauce.

Black Truffle Thursday Night Buffet

Flavours from the Alps Friday Night Buffet: A Gastronomic Tribute

Venture into the enchanting world of the Italian Alps every Friday with the Flavours from the Alps buffet. Immerse yourself in the authentic gastronomy of this breathtaking region, renowned for its stunning landscapes and hearty mountain cuisine. Savour a selection of exquisite dishes with fragrant herbs, flavorful cheeses, and succulent meats. Highlights include Tirolean meatloaf, crispy pork knuckle, pork cordon bleu, spatzle, Nuermberger and Kasekreiner sausages, Frankfurther and Weisswurst sausages, bombette pugliesi, and cheese fondue Valdaosta style.

Flavours from the Alps Friday Night Buffet

Wagyu Saturday Night Buffet: A Carnivore’s Delight

On Saturdays, indulge in the Wagyu Saturday Night Buffet, a feast for meat lovers. Alongside unlimited fresh seafood, appetizers, salads, house-made bread, and hearty soups, the buffet offers a selection of delicious main dishes. Prepare to savor the richness and tenderness of Wagyu beef with highlights including Wagyu beef green curry, Wagyu Picanha, Wagyu flank steak, Wagyu beef teriyaki skewers, Wagyu beef Neapolitan braciola, and tagliatelle with Wagyu beef cheek ragu.

Wagyu Saturday Night Buffet

Unforgettable Themed Buffets at Centara Grand CentralWorld

Ventisi’s themed buffets showcase the culinary expertise and creativity of Executive Chef Andrea Montella and his team. They have meticulously infused traditional flavors with contemporary flair, offering a truly exceptional dining experience.

The buffets are priced at THB 1,590++ per person on Thursday and Saturday nights (Children, 6-11: THB 795++) and THB 1,390++ per person on Friday night (Children, 6-11: THB 695++) from 18:00 to 22:30. If you still crave more, Ventisi’s regular à la carte menu, available from 6:30 am to 10:30 pm, will take you on a culinary journey of Thai and international flavors.